Four pillars of productivity (4PoP) framework

We have developed a productivity improvement framework 4PoP to improve productivity of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). A recent OECD report has noted that Canadian firms have fallen significantly behind their counterparts in other developed nations with regards to productivity. Alongside DTAPP, Axiom Advice’s experts have conducted research to identify the most useful knowledge SMEs need for productivity improvement. Most other research on Canadian productivity takes a very macroeconomic viewpoint, which leaves little in the way of useful information for SMEs. There are four pillars of productivity (4PoP): strategy, operations, technology, and innovation. These four pillars stand upon a base comprised of a solid organizational culture. While most firms already have plans in place for strategy, operations, technology, innovation and organizational culture, they are not always aligned in a manner that is conducive to productivity gains. 4PoP is a systematic approach for a firm to organize itself in a manner allowing for rapid and sustainable productivity gains.

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